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“Emma’s coaching was transformational for me. I was relatively new to the executive leadership team when we started working together and Emma helped me to feel more confident in my ability and contribution. Emma’s approach made every session thought provoking and she helped me challenge my way of thinking, always getting to the heart of the issue quickly.

Coaching with Emma has been one of the best things I have done professionally – it has helped me grow significantly and opened up new possibilities.”

Helen Berresford, Director of External Engagement, Nacro

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“I recently took up a new senior role and working with Emma has helped me to understand what being an introverted leader means and the strengths that I can bring to this new challenge. Emma’s insightful, calm and professional approach made me feel comfortable immediately and her clear goal setting helped me to see progress between sessions. I can already see the positive impact that her coaching has had on me and my team. I would highly recommend Emma.”

Louise Gough, Director of Service Strategy and Planning, King’s College London

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“I came to coaching after arriving at a roundabout and not being able to get off it! I was seeking clarity about what each exit offered me and understanding of what I was seeking and why.

Working with Emma has been extremely fulfilling. Not only did we navigate the exits I had identified on the roundabout, but Emma also teased out turnings I had missed. What worked throughout the process was Emma’s calm and thought-provoking approach and her ability to keep me focussed. Emma enabled me to turn the ‘noise’ in my head into practical steps and map out my road forward based on sound decision and understanding, not a random pick!

I would highly recommend Emma’s coaching. Over and above the practical and the knowledgeable, she has guided me to a place that includes a renewed sense of energy and enthusiasm for both my career and my work life balance and I can’t thank her enough.”

Cathryn Pender, Grants Director, John Lyon’s Charity

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"Working with Emma enabled me to deepen my understanding of my strengths as an introvert and articulate to others how those strengths relate to leadership. I feel more confident in my leadership skills and potential and believe being an introvert is an asset. Emma gets it – I didn’t have to explain myself or make sense of introversion for her in a way I might have done with another coach."

Lisa James, Campaigns Manager, Independent Age

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“Before starting work with Emma I wasn’t sure if it was possible for an introvert like me to have enough confidence to lead and make progress in my career. After working with her I know it is – I’m more able to communicate effectively with colleagues, have difficult conversations, challenge colleagues constructively, be assertive and express my views with confidence. Emma provided the right combination of support and challenge to push me out of my comfort zone and expand my view of what I believe is possible for me. The fact that Emma is an introvert and understands what it’s like was very helpful. Some of the things I’ve learned will make a difference for the rest of my life.”

Christina Rolles, Head of Communications, The Lullaby Trust

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“Having just started in my first team leader position, I needed appropriate support.

Emma was easy to have an open conversation with and incredibly good at distilling and crystallising thoughts that in my head appeared tangled up, unfinished or disorganised. I also appreciated her challenging my thinking exactly when it was needed. Working with Emma, my confidence has grown and I feel without Emma’s help it would have taken me years to get to the same position I am now.”

Kotryna Temcinaite, Research Communications Manager, Breast Cancer Now

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“As an introvert who has recently stepped up into a leadership role, I found Emma’s coaching to be a really important part of stepping up. Emma has a style of coaching that makes you interrogate yourself about what you can do to help yourself, or tactics you could try. This has been invaluable to me in terms of balancing new priorities and making sure I provide the leadership my team needs.”

Tim Nicholls, Head of Policy & Public Affairs, National Autistic Society

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“The whole experience of both coaching and working with Emma has been hugely beneficial and rewarding. Working with her has helped break challenges down and put them into achievable and focussed goals, a real benefit when there are multiple pulls on time.”

Graham Galvin, Director of Corporate Services, Diabetes UK

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“By working with Emma, a member of my leadership team has made great strides towards her goals. She has become more confident and assertive and the coaching has allowed me to have good conversations with her about her communication skills and leadership ability. I am keen that she progresses in her career because she is very good at her job and deserves to be leading a big charity communications team one day. So, money well spent.”

Francine Bates, Chief Executive, The Lullaby Trust

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“I have recently had a number of coaching sessions with Emma and was very impressed with her calm and thoughtful approach. Emma's techniques, and her skill at applying them, supported me to define and focus on my personal development areas. I left each session with more confidence in the steps I needed to take to achieve my goals. Two months on, I continue to benefit from the results of Emma's coaching.”

Sarah Cant, Programme Director at One Digital

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"Emma provided invaluable coaching and organisational insight over the period of time we worked together. Her ability to grasp the issue very quickly and support you to come to a tangible next step is hugely valued and appreciated. Her supportive yet empowering working technique provides fresh thinking and ability to stand back and plan work far more effectively and realistically. Thank you, Emma!"

Rezina Hakim, Campaigns Manager, Leonard Cheshire Disability

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"I recently engaged Emma's coaching services and I would highly recommend her. Emma's a very calm, thoughtful, supportive and focussed coach. She enabled me to define clear goals (which we revisited at every session) and work towards clear outcomes. I found the coaching sessions thought provoking and I reached some very helpful conclusions with Emma's warm and generous support."

Rebecca Gill, Public Policy and Social Change Consultant


"Emma coached me in an area of strategic change for NSPCC. Her coaching enabled me to achieve a great deal of clarity and focus in a short period of time. She consistently brought focus and challenge to my thinking which helped me to identify the approach I wanted to take with a clear rationale for it. She is incredibly skilled at offering this challenge in a positive and supportive way that is encouraging and motivating. I came out of each coaching session not only with greater clarity about next steps but also with increased motivation about taking the work forwards."

Lisa Watch, Senior Strategic Communications Manager, NSPCC


"Emma has, through her coaching, helped me to get real clarity and focus about campaigns at The Challenge. She's also helped me identify strategic approaches needed to embed campaigning culture in an organisation. She's hugely experienced, and always has a concrete example of how she's created change in different contexts. That said, she balances this with excellent listening and questioning skills, enabling you to come up with your own solutions to challenges you're facing.

"She's also tremendous fun to work with - both personable and professional, and able to keep sessions tight and focused (without them feeling rushed or overly formal). If you're looking for somebody who can be a font of wisdom on best campaigns practice, somebody who can help guide you to solve strategic campaigns problems, or even somebody who can facilitate problem solving - I'd highly recommend getting in touch with Emma."

Hannah Millinship-Hayes, Campaigns Manager, The Challenge


"Emma’s coaching has helped me to think through short- and long-term options, explore my strengths and areas for development in a safe and constructive environment. Emma manages to balance insight, support and challenge as well as bringing a wealth of experience and expertise. I found the sessions motivating and energising. It was invaluable to have the space and time to step back from the day job, take stock and focus. I would recommend Emma as a skilled coach."

Kate Mulley, Director of Policy and Campaigns, Action for Children


"I really enjoyed my coaching sessions with Emma and found them very useful in charting a way through immediate and longer term issues I wanted to address. Emma was able to assist me in coming up with practical solutions that I could apply straight away, in addition to thinking more strategically about the long term.

I appreciated Emma's flexibility and willingness to adapt if a certain approach was not working for me and our feedback sessions helped us to identify what I was finding to be the most effective way of working.

Emma was extremely professional and went out of her way to fit around my, at times erratic, schedule. I really appreciated her prompt interactions outside our discussions and found her write ups really useful.

I would recommend Emma to anyone who is interested in coaching; I've certainly benefitted from the experience and would use Emma again in future."

Farah Ziaulla, Deputy Director of the Law, Rights and International Directorate, Ministry of Justice