We commissioned Emma to conduct a series of qualitative interviews with high-level stakeholders, to evaluate our national Debt Trap campaign. Emma was extremely thorough, efficient and professional, managing to secure interviews with all of our desired stakeholders and producing an insightful report on her findings, within agreed timelines. Emma’s experience and nuanced understanding of effective influencing and campaigning meant she developed a robust framework for assessing the campaign through semi-structured interviews. Her internal presentation of the findings to a range of staff was engaging and challenging. We are keen to work with Emma on similar evaluations in future and would certainly recommend her to other organisations.

Amy Gibbs, Director of Campaigns
The Children's Society

Emma coached me in an area of strategic change for NSPCC. Her coaching enabled me to achieve a great deal of clarity and focus in a short period of time. She consistently brought focus and challenge to my thinking which helped me to identify the approach I wanted to take with a clear rationale for it. She is incredibly skilled at offering this challenge in a positive and supportive way that is encouraging and motivating. I came out of each coaching session not only with greater clarity about next steps but also with increased motivation about taking the work forwards.

Lisa Watch, former Senior Strategic Communications Manager

Emma facilitated a strategy day for my team. It was an opportunity to review our past work and identify new opportunities for the future. Emma’s calm and professional approach ensured all voices in the room were heard, and she was able to effectively consolidate our key points and push us to agree realistic next steps to ensure we continued the work beyond that one session. I also particularly appreciated Emma’s consultation before the day itself. Having started with an ambitious brief of what we wanted to achieve, Emma helped to distil what we really needed and format a structured but flexible session to ensure we achieved our aims on the day.

Catherine Wood, Health Advocacy Manager
Breast Cancer Now

I really enjoyed my coaching sessions with Emma and found them very useful in charting a way through immediate and longer term issues I wanted to address. Emma was able to assist me in coming up with practical solutions that I could apply straight away, in addition to thinking more strategically about the long term.

I appreciated Emma's flexibility and willingness to adapt if a certain approach was not working for me and our feedback sessions helped us to identify what I was finding to be the most effective way of working.

Emma was extremely professional and went out of her way to fit around my, at times erratic, schedule. I really appreciated her prompt interactions outside our discussions and found her write ups really useful.

I would recommend Emma to anyone who is interested in coaching; I've certainly benefitted from the experience and would use Emma again in future.

Farah Ziaulla, Deputy Director of the Law, Rights and International Directorate
Ministry of Justice

Emma presented a webinar on campaign project management for Consumers International members around the world. Her presentation was comprehensive and very well-received by participants, who found it informative, relevant and useful.

Pat Onoapoi, Global Members Services Coordinator
Consumers International

Emma worked with us to plan and deliver a half day workshop to develop our local campaigning strategy. She was very well prepared, and had an excellent understanding of the challenges faced by our relatively small charity. Highly recommended!

Alice Fuller, Campaigns and Development Manager
Motor Neurone Disease Association

The Richmond Group of Charities worked with Emma in a series of strategy workshops to decide how to take forward its influencing work on prevention. Emma kept the group focussed and productive, not through any gimmicks or by getting in the way of necessarily free flowing discussions, but through gentle steering and the introduction of some well received, common sense thinking tools. We will work with Emma again, because she gets the most out of all of us.

Dr Charlotte Augst, Partnerships Manager
The Richmond Group of Charities

We commissioned Emma to train people affected by prostate cancer to lobby MPs and MSPs as part of Prostate Cancer UK’s campaign action days in 2014, 2013 and 2012. Emma prepared and delivered interactive training workshops designed to equip participants with the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to lobby parliamentarians effectively. The workshops and accompanying training pack were excellent preparation for the campaign action days. The training was well-received by participants, with most rating it excellent. Almost everyone who attended reported increased levels of confidence. Volunteers told me they were much happier about how to approach meetings with MPs after the training.

Lizzie Flew, Supporter Campaigning Officer
Prostate Cancer UK

Ruth Holdaway, Chief ExecutiveEmma worked with us to plan a new campaign for greater commercial investment in and media coverage of women’s sport. In super-quick time Emma got to grips with complex issues, enabled staff to think strategically about how to achieve change and produced a high quality campaign plan. Emma’s input enabled us to think beyond launching our research report to consider what follow-up actions will help us achieve our campaign goal. We now have plans in place to facilitate long-term change.

Ruth Holdaway, Chief Executive
Women in Sport

I’ve worked with Emma a couple of times and always found it a really helpful experience. She is particularly good at bringing together and facilitating diverse groups, getting them to focus on the issues at hand, identify the challenges facing a campaign and agree on solutions and how to progress. What’s more she manages to make the sessions interesting, engaging and enjoyable! I’d highly recommend working with her.

Katharine Sacks-Jones, Head of Policy & Campaigns

James Blair, Campaigns & Public Affairs OfficerEmma really helped me to question and find solutions to challenges in our campaign planning. She guided me through new structures and frameworks which have proved invaluable to our work, helping me to really understand what we were doing throughout. Her approach is open and honest, empowering me to develop quickly but in a way that suited me best. I look forward to working with Emma more in the future.

James Blair, Campaigns & Public Affairs Officer
Action for Children

Vicki Nash, Head of Policy and CampaignsMind worked with Emma to help evaluate our Westminster and Whitehall influencing work. Emma was great to work with from start to finish - from the planning and preparation, through to delivery of a series of qualitative interviews with senior stakeholders, and analysis and reporting. She brings real insight, thoughtfulness and professionalism to her work but at the heart of her approach is that she really 'gets' campaigning and influencing. I would thoroughly recommend Emma to other organisations.

Vicki Nash, Head of Policy and Campaigns

Emma helped NSPCC to develop a strategy for developing a network of campaigners. With her extensive experience and knowledge of best practice in the sector, she provided sound advice at every stage of the process that greatly improved our approach. From the outset Emma demonstrated a real clarity of thinking both in understanding what we were trying to achieve and how to navigate some of the complexities associated with this. I particularly valued Emma’s focus and challenge around how our proposals would lead to the changes we were seeking to achieve. Her style is incredibly empowering with lots of emphasis on what you do already know rather than what you don’t.

Lisa Watch, former Senior Strategic Communications Manager

Tim Swain, Policy and Parliamentary Affairs ManagerUKCP employed Emma to help in the design and delivery of two public policy workshops with a range of key internal and external stakeholders. Emma was a highly organised and professional presence throughout. As a facilitator she set an excellent tone for the whole group, kept a firm focus on outcomes, and was a crucial part in the success of the process. I think what impressed me most was Emma’s ability to quickly understand the organisation and to assimilate that insight. Everything about Emma’s work felt bespoke and tailored to what we needed.

Tim Swain, Policy and Parliamentary Affairs Manager
UK Council for Psychotherapy

Francine Bates, Chief ExecutiveAs a Chief Executive of a small national charity, I found Emma’s support and strategic advice invaluable. Emma has clear vision and is solution-focused. She provided excellent support to me over a period of change. Emma led our rebranding project (which has been shortlisted for a Third Sector Excellence Award) over several months and in doing so took a considerable load off my shoulders. Emma managed stakeholders and prepared and implemented project plans. She also offered wise counsel on issues beyond the rebrand. Emma’s work was crucial to the successful relaunch of the Lullaby Trust and she remains a trusted and competent person to call on when needed.

Francine Bates, Chief Executive
The Lullaby Trust

Matthew Downie, Head of Parliamentary & Public AffairsEmma is incredibly empowering and has a refreshing approach. Due to Emma’s mentoring I’m a far more confident individual. She is extremely knowledgeable and has a broad range of expertise which she can apply to a number of situations. But Emma applies her knowledge in a way that leaves you feeling able to do it yourself. She genuinely helps you to build your public affairs and campaigning capacity.

Importantly, Emma encourages you to question whether what you’re doing is effecting the change you wish for - is this going to get you where you want and have the impact on real people that you hope for? Organisations get an enormous return, both in the short and long term, by working with her.

Matthew Downie, Head of Parliamentary & Public Affairs
Action for Children

Amanda Batten, Director of External AffairsEmma has helped The National Autistic Society build a strategic approach to campaigning. She has up-skilled the team and has played a role in helping the charity put itself on the map as a campaigning organisation.

Emma is really thorough, professional and easy to work with. She’s great at coming in when it’s hectic and listens to us talk at her. She then calmly pulls everything together, anticipates what we want and quickly identifies what needs to be done.

Amanda Batten, Director of External Affairs
The National Autistic Society

As a mentor Emma provided me with guidance on specific challenges as well as the chance to reflect on my practice and development. Having an external point of view provided a lot of clarity on priority areas of work, and Emma’s knowledge about how to operate as senior manager in a charity was a great help to me. Emma’s structure to the mentoring ensured that every session had a focus and outcomes that we could update on at the next meeting. She also creates a relaxed environment which made the mentoring sessions really interesting and something I looked forward to. A year on from my mentoring sessions with Emma I continue to use the materials and tips she gave me.

Sasha Daly, Head of Policy
Teenage Cancer Trust

I found working with Emma a really rewarding experience. She was highly professional throughout the project, was clear on timelines, expectations and level of detail required, and delivered a high-quality campaign evaluation. This has helped us celebrate and promote the successes of our campaign internally and how we ran it, but also offered considerable learning for our future work. I would gladly recommend her to other organisations.

Drew Lindon, Interim Head of Policy & Campaigns
Prostate Cancer UK

Emma is probably one of the most thoughtful and intelligent people I’ve ever worked with. She spends time researching your organisation so that she can grasp your needs. You never get a sense of a cut and paste; Emma’s approach is specialised to your needs and the aspects of your organisation which are unique. Plus Emma is very sharp. She will quickly grasp your key issues and what’s going on.
Emma has a desire to be as good as can be and this is obvious in her work.

Juliet Hillier, Deputy National Director

Tom Madders, Head of CampaignsWorking with Emma as a mentor was very helpful – I was acting up at the time and she gave me really practical advice that helped me step up. We had just launched a new campaign and Emma helped us to maintain momentum after the initial burst of activity. Emma also helped me think more methodically about campaigning strategies in a way that made it easier to monitor success. She also improved my confidence. I would definitely recommend her to others.

Tom Madders, Head of Campaigns
The National Autistic Society

Olivia Marks-Woldman, Head of Policy & CampaignsEmma provided us with expert knowledge and helped hone our campaigns strategy for a specialist and complex campaign. Her experience and expertise were invaluable, as were her skills in supporting and working with us, within our ethos and objectives. Emma enabled us to sharpen our strategy and prioritise our ideas. She was extremely trustworthy and I would not hesitate in recommending her to others.

Olivia Marks-Woldman, Head of Policy & Campaigns
Breast Cancer Care

Working with Emma was great; she gave us exactly what we were looking for – an insightful, informed strategy to involve our supporters in campaigning. Emma makes sure she has a good understanding of your organisation and keeps you updated so progress is very smooth. Emma is very good and I would recommend her to others.

Sarah Cant, Head of Policy and Campaigns
Prostate Cancer UK

Samantha Gibson, Head of CommunicationsI have worked with Emma as a colleague and a client for a number of years. In addition to bringing a great deal of expertise to any project we have worked on together, Emma's straightforward, no-nonsense approach always impresses me. She has never failed to deliver what was asked of her - often bringing a great deal more than was originally briefed. I can thoroughly recommend her.

Samantha Gibson, Head of Communications
Ovarian Cancer Action

Working with Emma was interesting and useful. She showed me a different route – how to link the skills I already have in press and communications with new ones in public affairs. She has given me confidence by helping me to understand what public affairs is and how I can be proactive.

I’ve valued Emma’s ability to tailor her consulting to the way I learn. She provided a questionnaire regarding my learning type and built how I learn into the way she advised me. Emma puts you at ease and I felt very comfortable talking through issues with her that I was unsure about.

Natalie Collyer, Corporate Communications Officer

Emma is an excellent mentor. By working with her I gained more confidence in campaigning and improved my knowledge base. Emma has a lot of knowledge and skills in the campaigning field and was willing to share that knowledge. I gained a lot from her mentoring and found it very motivating. Emma was able to bring out things in me I wasn't particularly aware of, which boosted my confidence.

Lara Fashola, Local Campaigner Award Winner
The Sheila McKechnie Foundation

Cliff Prior, Chief ExecutiveWe worked with Emma to organise a high level seminar between social entrepreneurs and key Labour figures, aiming to influence the manifesto ahead of the election. Emma gave us clear, relevant and influential insight into Labour policy and people. She secured participation by the lead manifesto writer and a Cabinet Minister, and an excellent venue within Parliament. Her calm, expert and personable approach made our event highly successful and influential. Thoroughly recommended!

Cliff Prior, Chief Executive

Emma coached one of our competition winners. Emma is professional and friendly, followed the brief well, delivered on time and effectively. The coaching sessions covered an extensive range of issues and were delivered to a high standard. Our award winner really benefited from Emma’s coaching, receiving good support to help with her campaign.

Clare Parry, Campaigner Support Manager
The Sheila McKechnie Foundation

Emma was invited to present to a group of Queen’s Nurses on the topic of effective campaigning. The overwhelming response from participants to her presentation was very positive. They found Emma an enthusiastic speaker with a wealth of experience and valued the practical advice she was able to offer. Emma made the concept of campaigning seem a reality for many in the room – with hopefully one or two being inspired to go the extra step.

Alessandra Peck, Policy and Development Officer
The Queen's Nursing Institute

Mark Harrod, Director of Policy & Public AffairsWorking with Emma was positive, constructive and educational. She came in and turned our ideas into a strategic plan. Emma helped the senior management team understand what advocacy is, and gave us a sense of what is relevant to us. She has helped us be realistic in terms of resources. As a result we now have an advocacy strategy, but one that reflects our resources.

Emma had a real willingness to understand the perspective of our senior management team; to develop a strategy that was bespoke and had a very different angle from what other agencies offer. She has made a huge difference to us.

Mark Harrod, Director of Policy & Public Affairs
Central YMCA

We commissioned Emma to conduct a perceptions audit as she was recommended as someone who would be able to provide something above and beyond a bog standard survey. Emma took time to understand the key questions the organisation wanted to answer and to find ways to elicit the right information from stakeholders. She was able to garner feedback from a number of key people the Charity was working with and provided helpful and insightful analysis of the responses she was given. The evaluation Emma provided was worth far more to the organisation, in terms of giving direction to our influencing work, than any of the standard evaluations offered by the larger operators could ever be.

Kate Jopling, Head of Public Affairs
Help the Aged (now Age UK)

Peter Reynolds, Chief ExecutiveEmma has made a very important contribution to the effectiveness of Ovarian Cancer Action by helping us put ovarian cancer on the national policy agenda.

Emma delivers exactly what we want and need. I would definitely recommend her to others. Emma goes beyond standard formulaic guidance to provide well thought out, intelligent, high quality advice that is strategic but practical and based around our specific needs.

Peter Reynolds, Chief Executive
Ovarian Cancer Action

Caroline Todd-Earlam, Training ManagerLift is a charity and social enterprise that works with homeless and disadvantaged people, with the aim of empowering them to improve their lives and realise their potential.

The Sheila McKechnie Foundation (SMK) provided a series of training and coaching sessions to enable Lift to develop an effective campaign strategy to enable local communities and people to be empowered in improving their communities. This was delivered by campaign coach Emma Taggart.

Lift worked with Emma to produce a framework aimed at facilitating user-led campaigning in a sustainable and effective way, ensuring Lift develops its campaigning capacity in a way that suits the organisation’s ethos and circumstances. Emma also supported the Training Manager to develop material and resources to incorporate into existing and new training programmes.

The training was attended by staff, volunteers and trustees and was tailored to embed appropriate campaigning strategies at every level of the organisation, and to help people to own and campaign on issues that are important to them.

The training has helped Lift to perceive campaigning in a fresh and innovative way and it will be exciting to see the difference thoughtful campaigning interventions will make to the people and communities Lift work with as the strategy develops and moves forward.

Caroline Todd-Earlam, Training Manager

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