My services


Coaching helps you step back from the day-to-day maelstrom to solve challenges, develop talents and boost your performance at work.

A coaching session is a structured conversation about a specific goal, chosen by you. My job is to help you define your own course of action (not provide the answers). 

People who work with me thrive in leadership roles and make change happen, inside and outside their organisations.


Good facilitation is the difference between long hours spent in unproductive meetings, and focused discussions that achieve the outcomes you want.

My style is unfussy and inclusive. I bring focus to group discussions such as developing a theory of change, planning campaigning activity or reviewing strategy. 

Everyone’s input is valuable - I use techniques to encourage participation by quieter people.


Sometimes there’s no time to think. You know what you want to achieve but don’t have enough headspace to make it happen. You need someone to do the thinking for you.

My background in creating social change means I have specific expertise to share. Consultancy projects completed recently include: 

  • A review of local campaigning for Crisis, the national charity for homeless people - using qualitative interviews and desk research, I developed a thorough understanding of Crisis and applied lessons from other charities and academic evidence to design a bespoke operational model to enable Crisis to integrate and align its local, regional and UK-wide campaigning activity.
  • Worked closely with senior executives to consult on, build support for, and develop a theory of change for a new partnership of 20+ disability and children’s charities – in 2017, the partnership will launch a major new campaign to ensure disabled children, young people and families get the support they need from health and social care services.
  • Stakeholder perceptions audits for The Children’s Society – conducted qualitative research to understand the perceptions and experiences of people who were targets of, or involved in, the charity’s campaigning. The research - part of a broader evaluation - enabled the charity to assess the effectiveness of its influencing work.