About Emma

My goal is to contribute to building a professional body of effective campaigners in the third sector who can make a difference, not just a noise.

Charities want to achieve change to address social injustice, tackle poverty, deal with climate change, improve health and more. My job is to support them to do that by helping clients develop skills and get results from their campaigning and public affairs work.

My career has taken me to Westminster to work for a minister and a backbench MP; to the third sector to work in a variety of campaigning roles; and now to my own consultancy to share the lessons I’ve learned about how to influence the people and institutions who matter.

I bring my values of integrity, quality, purpose and empowerment to my work. That means:

  • Tailoring every piece of work I do to the individual client and completing it to the highest standard
  • Enabling the people I work with to increase their own campaigning capacity
  • Maintaining focus on what my clients are ultimately trying to achieve
  • Always being honest with clients and respecting confidentiality

In my spare time I go walking in the countryside, explore new music and watch live comedy. I live in north east London.

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